Wow, Great Feeling ! This has made my day. CKA is done with 93% marks. Thank y . . .

Kunal Garg:
Wow, Great Feeling !!! This has made my day. CKA is done with 93% marks.
Thank you @Mumshad Mannambeth /team for the wonderful course. :blush: Now I have cleared CKA and CKAD both.

Eagerly waiting for @Mumshad Mannambeth to release CKS course. I will be the first one to buy it :blush:

Here is my prep before the exam:

• I have prepared for 2 months(7-8 hours/week). This course is more than enough to clear the exam. No need to go for extra things.
• Watch the videos carefully until you understand the core concepts.
• Practice the labs 2-3 times once you finish the section.
• Try to solve the questions without looking at the hints. Sometimes not working things frustrate you and you end up seeing the hints.
• First try to debug the things with different ways. This will give you confidence for that topic. At the end, if nothing works, you always have this wonderful slack group and hints to clarify the doubts. :blush:
• I have practiced Mocks Tests and Lightening lab at least 5-6 times. Do keep a time gap when you re attempt the mock exams so that you don’t remember the solutions and questions
• On exam day, I have practiced mock tests in one go. It will be good warm up before actual GAME. :wink:
During the exam:

• You can start the exam 15 minutes before to complete the verification formalities.
• I was nervous first 10 minutes of exam and was not able to do the simple things but it was matter of one good solution and everything went in flow after that. So always go for low hanging fruits in start to have initial confidence. :wink:
• Exam time is enough if you are not spending too much on one particular question. If any question is stuck, flag it and come back at it in the end.
• Auto Complete did not work for me in exam so I had to type the commands by myself. So do remember the syntax to save time.
• Bookmark the pages. It will be a life saver. Use these pages if required during lab tests. It will keep things in sync.
Practice , practice and Practice and you will nail the exam. Good Luck.

Deepak Mourya:
@Kunal Garg Congratulations, I want to know apart from this course how much extra effort we need to put on Kubernetes docs to study.

Mumshad Mannambeth:
Congratulations @Kunal Garg!! Job well done! And thanks for sharing your experience.

Basavraj Nilkanthe:
@Kunal Garg this is really great learning experience… Thank you for sharing it… Congratulation for clearing CKA