Why was my IP banned?

I was in the middle of a lab and got disconnected. Tried to reload and nothing came up, did the troublshooting as in the guide and got error ‘1006’ Access Denied, that my IP address was banned. Whats the deal with this?

Hello, @ordep81
Please send me that screenshot in personal message.

I have no clue who you are, why would I do that?

I still have my IP blocked and cant do any of the Labs, this is not good. Will be cancelling and requesting a refund on Monday morning. Ive sent an email the same day the issue started. IP address banned for absolute no reason and havent been able to do any of the labs. The support has not been good.

Hello, @ordep81
I am from support team that’s why I am asking. Why would I ask you without any reason?
This is your external IP which is getting banned by katacoda for some reason. That’s why I am asking that page as a reference to send to katacoda to unblock your IP address on high priority.