Why Same weighted task are only assigned

Hello @Inderpreet and @player001 why same weighted task are assigned only. I have Kode Kloud subscription with different mail ID. On that account I am getting high weighted task but due some issue I am not using that. I created this new account and in this I only received easy and same weighted task.

Hello @Inderpreet, @player001 and @KodeKloud Any update on this.

Hello, @akshayithape
Are you still getting the same weighted task again?

Yes Getting same weighted tasks @player001

@player001 and @KodeKloud

Here is Attached the screenshot.

Check and Let me know.

Lately only I’m getting only getting repeated tasks also. I was assigned various tasks between 400 and 500 points and only one of 600 points in last days. Today I got a 800 points one.
Something does not seems right

If we repeat tasks I think they should be assigned from the higher to low rate and only until no new onces will be created.

@andrzej, I totally agree with you. After finishing all task repetition should start from highest rated task. As any point of time, new task could be allocated and then those new task will be distributed among all of the member. That’s what we saw earlier, when Puppet and Kubernetes task was added in the system.

@player001 Same weighted task is assigned again.

I have checked the points of the system administration tasks. It looks fine. May be you will get soon task of high weighted.

Ok @player001 Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @player001, @KodeKloud, @Inderpreet and @mmumshad

Sry for I putting this again.
I solved 21 tasks still I am getting same weighted tasks(200). Not getting higher weighted.

There is any issues.

There are so many people how solve less problem but they have more points because of high weighted tasks.

Waiting for update.


@player001, @KodeKloud and @KodeKloud2 Any update on this.

Hello, @akshayithape
I can’t assign you tasks. We are getting randomly.

Why not assign tasks for everyone starting from the lowest to the highest anf after first iteration from the highest to the lowest etc ?

Since past one week I have been assigned only low weightage tasks. Some of then even repeated more than once.

Out of my last 10 Tasks 8 of them are only 300 & 400 Points tasks.

Please look into this !!