Why puppet working with root?

HI @juliettet @player001 @akshayyw @Inderpreet @royki
I’ve assigned a task to assign ssh keys to remote servers via puppet for password less login.
THe script is executed successfully but as I execute puppet agent -tv on sudo user it gives a strange error and when I execute it with root user it executes cleanly and jumping back to jump host and ssh into the server I am able to ssh without password WHY??
THe screenshots are attached kindly find them and give me the reason why this is happening??

hi @Ashu27,

tony is a sudo user so you need to use sudo while running these commands from user tony. Since you switched to root so you were able to run the command without sudo.

Hi @rahul456 that means this solution is correct?

@Ashu27, yes its acceptable, if the task is working fine as per the task requirements.