Why Install and Configure HaProxy LBR Failed?

I have completed the task. Please see my screenshots attached. Even though the task failed.

because in app server, port doesn’t set according to task. You have to set the port of apache 5004 not 80.


@player001 But they asked the Default port probably in the question

if you will do ssh into app server 1 or 2 or 3. Default port already set in their app server for apache.
You have to set default port of http in haproxy server not in app server. I hope you got it my point.


in the task you haven’t to change the httpd port to 80 for the app servers, the question was only to use the 80 for the haproxy and not for app servers

you have to perform below steps:

  1. Check the port on which httpd service running on app servers.

  2. Install and configure haproxy on LBR server.
    * Make sure, set the port for haproxy frontend to default http port (i.e. 80) or the port in question.
    * Add the backend servers along with port (the port on which httpd is running on app srever).