Why "Configure protected directories in Apache" Failed?

Hello KodeKloud Community,

I have failed this task and wanted to know where i was wrong. I almost did all the tasks listed. But dontknow lagged somewhere or not. I have added a screenshot if it would be helpful


the task is failed for me as well

i tried with other users but it was not allowing as expected

Hi @hprasanna

Seems like you changed the Apache port as well which was not asked in the question hence your task was marked as failed.

Hi @yash_thaker

Seems like you did a minor mistake in Apache config, hence your htaccess was not considered at all and protected URL was accessible without credentials at all.

Thanks, yes that was my mistake

Even i have failed in the task ,after performing all the steps exactly .
Kindly check it and reassign the task

Configure protected directories in Apache

I thought I did it correctly before clicking finish. But no success. Would you please check it where I missed?

Kind regards

Hi @LuHa

I think its clear from your screenshot, you curl command itself is failing while accessing the URL so test could have failed too.