Why Ansible task failed?

HI @Inderpreet @player001 @royki @akshayyw @juliettet
I’ve assigned a task to run a playbook via jump host on App Server 3
THe playbook go executed cleanly as well as the ping too
Still the task got failed!!
Please look at the screenshot below.

Hi @Ashu27,

Make sure to add all of the app server hosts to /home/thor/ansible/inventory:

stapp01 ansible_host= ansible_ssh_pass=Ir0nM@n ansible_user=tony
stapp02 ansible_host= ansible_ssh_pass=Am3ric@ ansible_user=steve
stapp03 ansible_host= ansible_ssh_pass=BigGr33n ansible_user=banner

Also, make ./inventory the default inventory file to be read in ansible.cfg:

sudo vi ansible.cfg
# add => set your inventory file
inventory = ./inventory
remote_user = thor

…see if this helps:-)

Good luck!