VMs state is not getting saved

Hi KK Team,

I am getting some weird issues in my VM and every time when i restart the machine i have install all the application packages again … looks some settings issue with my VM and the packages are getting removed when i restart the machine.

Also one point i have noticed while i restart the machine it will ask me to change the network adaptor settings.

Can you please help me to analyse the issue.

Thanks and Regards
Sunil Kirangi

Which virtualization product do you use?

Hi KK Team,

I am using the Oracle VM Box with Centos 7 as OS.

Sunil Kirangi

Hi Team,

Do u know the issue of this problem and i was watinfg for your answer.

Sunil Kirangi

Hi @SunilKirangi,
This bug has been fixed on VirtualBox versions 3.2.6 and above .
I think this bug happened because you had installed VirtualBox to a non-standard location

Thank you for the reply and I will upgrade my virtual box to 3.2.6