Videos playback issue

Unable to watch the full video in the linux basic course. most of the videos in the course are stopping in between and not moving forward. it not even the internet issue, please do check this issue.

Hello @ineshreddy1

i have checked the video you had mentioned and tried to move backward and forward and it is working well with me.
So could you please try again with checking your internet connection. if the issue still exits please provide me a screen record of it to be able to help you.
thanks in advance

Hello there,

I am experiencing the same issue with videos on Kubernetes for Absolute Beginners.
The videos stop halfway and I cannot continue. I am on a 1gb fibre connnection so I am sure it is not my internet connection because other services like YouTube and Netflix are streaming flawlessly.

Two sample videos so far -
Demo - MiniKube setup

Please look into this as it’s affecting study experience.

i tried to provide screen record for the Pods video - the screen freezes on minute 1:42 and refuses to play again.

i have to refresh the browser for it to start playing and freezing at the same spot again.

i am unable to upload the video here but I can share it with you if you provide an upload link

Hello, @renegadedme
Can you make a loom video? and share that link in personal message?

Hi there,

I don’t have a Loom account required to share videos.

I have uploaded the video to a google drive link below -

I began recording at 1:21, please see what happens at the 1:42 mark in the video.

I will disable this link in 48 hours.

I hope that helps.

Okay, I will check it.

Hi there - is there an update on this issue? I am still unable to play the video and my subscription is running.

Thanks for providing the screen recording. We will get this checked.

Does this issue only happen when you try to playback from a different time of the video (like what you have shown at minute 1:42 ?)

Does it continue playing the video if left alone?

Hello there,

The video does not continue playing if left alone. It seizes completely.

I have managed to isolate this issue, it does not happen on my other devices or browsers. Only my google chrome [Version 90.0.4430.93 (Official Build) (arm64)] for M1 Macbook Pro is affected.
When testing with Chrome on my phone, the video goes past 1:42, also when testing with Firefox on the mac, it goes past 1:42.

This is quite strange because I am able to play other videos on the chrome for Mac. I’ll however keep observing this and provide updates if the situation changes.

Thanks for your time