Variables Lab, echo $user not working

Noticed that I don’t get anything back from ‘echo $USER’ command.

I closed the Lab and started a new session and get the same issue.

bob@caleston-lp10:~$ echo $USER

bob@caleston-lp10:~$ id
uid=1000(bob) gid=1000(bob) groups=1000(bob)

TRY to redirect output to file
echo $USER >test |cat test

Output from running this from the lab…

bob@caleston-lp10:~$ echo $USER >test |cat test


env | grep -i user

bob@caleston-lp10:~$ env | grep -i user
NOTVISIBLE=in users profile

There is no value assigned to USER variable then how it will print.
Is it from the lab? If it is. Can you please specify from which lab?

Its in the subject of this issue :grinning:

Variables Lab, echo $user not working