Vagrant setup and k8s setup error

at the appendix setup after cloning from git the file seeing the setting in the .vagrantfile like in the tutorial that the settings is OK.

while using the vagrant up command it fail after 1 machine (the master is created successfully, but not the 2 extra nodes)
SSH auth method: private key” is where it fails,

Vagrant Error

Hello, @davidszlaf
Can you please follow solutions from this link?
Try to shutdown the VM and try again with same command vagrant up --provision.

vagrant halt   --> To gracefully shutdown
vagrant up --provision   --> Will provision from old

If vagrant halt will not work then try to shutdown from the VirtualBox, then again run vagrant up --provision.

Hope your system have enough RAM for VM.

Hi there and thank you.
I managed to finish the installation after reboot as you say- but now facing another Issue.
my master node can not communicate outside to the internet not even ping to
therefore when running the command: " kubeadm init --pod-network-cidr --apiserver-advertise-address=" I get error- can not fetch from the source.

another thing is that it didn’t get an IP on the setup for the pods network- the network and I had to set it manually.

feeling a little frustrated because the set-up seems so easy and straight forward (when everything is working)

and don’t worry @player001 resources are not issue :wink:

This one because you’re running command from vagrant user, not from root. Try to add sudo starting of the command then run.
Can you please share that VB network settings and ifconfig output?