Useradd validation error

Hey !
First thanks for the huge project that is KodeKloud engineer, it mmuste be a lot of work and I truly love the idea , so biggup !

Secondly, i have a task that is failed, where i needed to create a user and set an expiry date on it .

i used useradd , then use chage -E to set an expiry date on it, pressed finish, and it told me that I failed as no user called “javed” was found on the server.

But if I remember well, in the request the name was “Javed” with a capital J so I created it like that, with a big J.
Is it really a fail ?

Or just a case mismatch between the request and what is parsed for the answer validation ?

Thanks !


The user name is indeed in ‘lower case’. This is specified in the question statement with the user, server name as expiry date.

But I can see how this can be confusing. So I have updated the question to make sure it clearly mentioned to make use of lower case.

Thanks for reporting this and dont worry about the failed task you will be assigned a new task soon!


In my case: task was to add yousuf with expiry date as 2021-01-28.
Below two commands worked for me.

  1. adding yousuf with -e option for setting expiry date.
    sudo useradd -e 2021-01-28 yousuf
  2. Verifying the results and see password expiry date.
    sudo chage -l yousuf

hope this helps you. Keep learning, because knowledge is priceless.