Upgrade of worker node and Impact on StatefulSet Pods

I have a question regarding upgrading of Worker nodes and making sure Statefulset Pods are NOT impacted because of the upgrade.

4 Stateful POds(i.e. stf-0, stf-1, stf-2. stf-3) are running in 3 different worker nodes. Now I want to upgrade the worker node.

I am NOT aware of the location of Pods i.e. which Pods are running in which Worker nodes.
I want to perform “RollingUpgrade” of worker nodes i.e. upgrade worker1, then worker2 and then worker3.

If I upgrade worker1, how can I ensure the 2 stateful Pods i.e. stf-0 and stf-3 is not impacted. Will there be 2 more pods created with the same Id (i.e. stf-0 and stf-3) automatically ?

If I change the upgrade order of worker nodes, will it create any impact on the Stateful Pods. Generally Stateful pods are upgraded from last order i.e. stf-3 should upgrade first, then stf-2 and then stf-1. But here if I upgrade worker-1, I wonder what will happen to stf-0 and stf-3 Pods.