Updates - New Role Introduced!


I hope you all are enjoying the KodeKloud Engineer program. Thanks for being part of this great community. And I hope you are all staying safe during these difficult times.

We recently made some updates to the KodeKloud Engineer platform. And here are the updates.

New Role Introduced - DevOps Engineer!

We have introduced a new DevOps Engineer role. Once you hit 25,000 points, you will be promoted to the DevOps Engineer role, where you will get DevOps related tasks assigned. Your role will be visible in the Leader Board.

I am happy to announce our first DevOps Engineer - Andrzej Kozlowski! Congratulations!

User Profile Page

From the leaderboard, you may click on the user image or name to view the users profile. Here you can see the user details such as the user’s rank, user’s personal details, number of completed tasks, the different tasks the user completed, along with the time taken to complete, the user’s skills etc.

Of course, you may chose to hide certain information from your profile page, by going to your accounts page and selecting what you want to make public.

Try Later option for tasks!

Once you get a task assigned and you are unable to solve it, and you feel like you need to do some research before making an attempt, you may end your session and try again later. For this you may hit the “Try Later” button. When you do that, remember that all work you did in the session will be lost. And the next time you will have to start again. This is also helpful incase you think you messed up your environment and want to start the task from scratch.


We have many more changes planned in the future based on your feedback. So keep them coming. I will keep you posted once new changes are made available.

Thank you and stay safe.

Mumshad Mannambeth


I would also recommend to set some criteria on the experience points as well on each task. Like if a person is completing a task successfully the next task should have greater experience points, and next greater then the second, likewise! Only a failed task leading to lesser experience points in the preceding task. This will give motivation.

I don’t see any such criteria in order to advance to the devops engineer title quickly.

That is how tasks are assigned. Tasks with smaller experience points first and then followed by tasks with higher experience points. So as and when you proceed, you’ll get tasks with more experience points. Note that there is also some randomisation, so don’t be surprised if you get tasks with lower points sometimes. But in general you will be assigned tasks with higher points as you progress through.

Thanks @mmumshad for your update & publishing the update in the community. It was my request last time to make such announcement in community & glad that you accepted it. Looking forward for more updates in near future.


Thanks @mmumshad. Any more lights on subject:

  • Support new System Administrators on their tasks.
    Thank you very much for amazing Service !

Thanks for the update @mmumshad

Kudos to you @andrzej

It seems a long way for me to reach the DevOps role with only 200,300 and 600 tasks only. When do someone get be assigned tasks with 800 or 1000?


Congrats on being the first to advance, @andrzej!

Thank you @mmumshad for the updates on the latest changes on the platform.

Hi, @andrzej Congratulations on your achievement. Keep rocking!!


Hi Mumshad,
How does try later work? suppose if I click on try later button for a task, and it gets expired by time lines. Can I still attempt it? or it will be an expired task?
Thank you