Updates coming! Review, Assist and Retry features

@mmumshad in some cases user dis small issue like different name which required then in task. for example , instead of using image nginx:1.8 used nginx 1.9. In this case user itself aware that this is issue.

for that kind of issues, can we add redo without review comment.? else we have to wait till someone comment even we aware the issue.

Dear KodeKloud Engineer Team,

I’d a great time working on KodeKloud Engineer Tasks.
Here I request you to provide Retry option on “Expired” Tasks.
Due to work life and timing mismatch I didn’t pick the task on time and I hope it will be in same manner and can pick the task during weekends only. Here I just recommend to make task expire timing to be 1 week, that will be helpful for many Engineers even.

Ramakrishnan S K

@skramki and @mmumshad,

Is it possible to make available the task description we done for our public profile?

This is will help recruiters and others to check/figure out what we have done to complete the task…it also will help us to use it for future studies.

Dear KK Team,

Sure can make as public profile.

I see the review task points are duplicated.

Even though its good for us because it doubles the points we earn :slight_smile: i think this needs to be checked.

Kind Regards,

After the failed task is open for review, how long does someone get to retry the task before it is marked as failed ? One of my failed task from last week, and it was open for review 29th Oct, but today i am unable to attempt it. I was not sure of the resolution provided to fix the problem and was looking else where for reason/failure. and i know the fix for the problem but it is not letting to re-take it.

Can someone please advice. ?

After reviewing a task, do we have to wait for the user to accept the answer as sometimes it can seem like this doesn’t happen?


An issue which is being observed is that the points after review are not getting added in the total correctly. I see my accepted reviews in the tasks but the points not reflected in my total. Please fix this issue permanently!

These days I don’t see this happening much. Now that review feature is getting matured I have a suggestion to improve the process.
What if the review comment, made private to the reviewer and task owner. Also what if, you restricted the acceptance of the review comment for only one reviewer. So that this will introduce competitiveness and improve the quality of the review. @mmumshad

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@mmumshad, @vijin.palazhi, @Inderpreet, @rahul456, @player001.
There is an issue with review task points, only task points are added not the bonus points in my experience. Kindly check into this.

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Is possible to allow KodeKloud Engineers to retry the task once before they click on the review button?

Yes, the user will accept the review, which in turn favors the reviewer to get some experience points. Although this happens, not all users are aware of that (checkmark) accept the feature.

Hi, @bforde from my experience until the allotted time is elapsed before you can request a review. it is possible that a second chance at the task before review might be enabled (cc @Inderpreet ), but I would suggest you make a little research on the task before attempting, either from the community or the internet at large.

Hello @nilesh.b.jamale, the bonus points are claimed for prompt resolution, and as a user, once the task review suggestion has been accepted, you can try the task again. But this time for 50% of the experience points.

Hello @fredrickokereke, I know bonus points are for prompt resolution, and also that the reviewed task is for 50% with Bonus points. My issue is that only 50% basic points are getting added without the additional 50% bonus points.

Hi @nilesh.b.jamale, you would get a 100% basic and bonus point if as a user you got the task resolved before the time limit. After the time limit, you would get only 50% basic point without the bonus point and the other 50% basic point would be shared with the Reviewer(without the bonus point).

You can write to @Inderpreet for more clarification.

Once we click the finished button the still the clock does run until validation finish. Sometimes we finish the task within 13 minutes timeline but, due to the validation time is included we are not getting the full bonus point.
@Inderpreet @KodeKloud @mmumshad
Appreciate your consideration of this. Better stop the timer once the user clicks finish.