Update an Existing Deployment in Kubernetes issue

For only below mention part

im using this command
command: [“sh”]
args: ["-c", “while true; do echo hello; sleep 10;done”]
as mentioned below

but getting error when im saving the file

i have tried everything to avoid this error like writing command instead of copying but error still persist please correct me so that i may complete this task

I think the reported error found a tab character that violates indentation might be of importance. Perhaps the line where you specify args contains a tab instead of some spaces, which means that the line is not properly indented? Indentation is quite important in yaml, so that might be the issue.

issue resolved
i was using “tab” but instead of using tab spaces must be used which wont result in any error
means use spacebar for indentation

Yup, you shouldn’t mix them in yaml. Kodekloud has a course on yaml, they go over these things there