Unable to update account image

I’m unable to add an image to my KodeKloud Engineer account profile. I’ve tried multiple different file types, and sizes. I’m not getting any error; after successful upload and saving of the settings, the profile picture is not updated…

Try uploading via gravatar (https://en.gravatar.com/)

Thanks… This doesn’t work. I’m using the same email address on KK and Gravatar. Although, just to be clear, my KodeKloud profile picture is pulled through, but not for my KodeKloud Enigeer profile

I have the same problem. I uploaded an image to my
Gravatar account and typed in the country name (I am guessing that’s where the flag image comes from) but no flag or image appears after trying this a few times. Yes, it is pulled through to the KodeKloud profile but not to the KodeKloud Engineer profile.

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