Unable to start lab

I was able to start this lab once yesterday, with some performance issues such as pods taking a few minutes to delete. Later on I tried to do the lab again, but it just hangs whenever I try to open it.

I’ve tried logging out/in again, and deleted all the cookies for kodekloud, katacoda, and teachable.

Hello @will

The lab is working fine. So try to open it using icognito window and tell me if the issue still exists.

It loaded correctly in the incognito window, thanks!

Maybe I should try clearing localstorage next time too?

I’m having another issue with the same lab: It won’t accept the answer for question #2.

I diffed my yaml file against the provided answer-2.yaml, and they are identical.

I tried using the provided answer from /var/answers/answer-2.yaml. The pod comes up with the correct user (uid 1010) but the “Check” button still says it is incorrect.

Is there any way to see what the “Check” button is checking, to investigate it further?

Hello, @wil
I just checked and CHECK passed for question 2.

Apparently if I get the answer wrong the first time, sometimes it won’t accept the right answer after.

But after I closed all incognito windows, relaunched the lab in incognito, and tried again, it worked.

If there’s any further information I provide to help diagnose the issue, let me know, but for now I’ll just make sure to launch every lab in a fresh set of incognito windows.