Unable to solve the exercice with the sed command find and replace / find and delete

Hello guys,

I need help. Maybe i am doing something wrong. Working on the task to find the “copyright” case insensitive and delete all the lines matches and save in the file /home/BSD_DELETE.txt

I did run the command:
sed -e “/copyright/Id” /home/BSD.txt > /home/BSD_DELETE.txt

But i am keeping failing the task with the message:

  • ‘copyright’ pattern not deleted correctly in ‘/home/BSD_DELETE.txt’ on stapp02

Please help. I am not able to see where i am wrong on this one

thanks but i just found the solution

I ran the command
sed “/code/Id” /home/BSD.txt > /home/BSD_DELETE.txt

instead of
sed -e “/code/Id” /home/BSD.txt > /home/BSD_DELETE.txt

Honestly i don’t know why it did not work with the “-e”