Unable to set up labs

I am unable to set up labs with oracle virtual box my laptop has a processor which does not support hardware virtualization. Any alternate way that I can set up labs to practice the VM networking course.


Hi @kranju25

Oracle VM VirtualBox’s guest and multiprocessing (SMP) support both require hardware virtualization to be enabled.

Ok. But is there any alternate way that I can set up Labs. Can I use a cloud account and will the techniques to enable networking as shown with Oracle Virtual box apply there as well. I have a Google cloud account (I am not experienced with cloud). Is there a video in the course which would explain how we can set up VM’s with cloud account

I also see that this section is needed only if I need to set up a home lab and is not required for completing other sections. So it is fine then as I assumed the rest of the course would be thought on the home lab itself. If embedded labs are available as part of the other courses and sections then this is not an issue.

Testing and doing labs on a cloud provider such as Google is a good Idea and you can practice on it the mentioned section.

To create VMs on your Google cloud account , the below link will be useful:


Hope this helps!