Unable to save file name in VI editor

Hello KK team,

I was going through the VI lab and in questions where I need to do some editing and then saving the file. I was doing it as required but still the file is not getting saved and the question remains intact and not moving further.

Kindly assist asap.


Which task is it ? Please share the task name and more details

It was the task where I need to change the file name to Welcome to KodeKloud and save it.
I did the needful by pressing esc key and then :w Welcome to KodeKloud and then enter. but it didn’t accepted and neither its reverting whether the answer is right or wrong and nor its moving ahead.

You need to move to line number 10 first using :10

Then change the port from 80 to 5000

Then save.

Thanks TGP, but this is not what i was asking. I wanna know that in task where i need to change the file name, which i am doing by typing “:w new name” and then after that i am not sure if i am doing right by just entering or If i need to do something else

Hello, @rohit
You cannot see the saved file in the VI editor lab. That lab is only for practicing with the ‘Vi’ editor features without quitting the editor. You can experiment in other labs. Simply access any labs and open a vi editor.