Unable to install Jenkins Server

I am unable to complete the task to Install Jenkins Server. I posted about this a couple of days ago, but I it seems to have been buried:

I have tried multiple instructions/tutorials online and none of them resolve the issue.

Is there some way to get guidance on this?


Hi Juliettet,

I was able to install jenkins using the below process, apt-transport-https needs to be installed in order to fetch the jenkins repository over https along with other updates

# From Jump Server
ssh root@jenkins      S3curePass
cat /etc/*release  //Ubuntu 16.04

# Install Java
apt update
apt search openjdk
apt install openjdk-8-dbg
java -version

# add the key 
wget -q -O - https://pkg.jenkins.io/debian/jenkins.io.key | sudo apt-key add -
sh -c 'echo deb https://pkg.jenkins.io/debian binary/ > \

apt install apt-transport-https
apt update
apt install jenkins
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Thank you for responding @adeelak! Your script looks a lot like what I ended up with when I finished the task, although I think that I may have ended up installing openjdk-9-jre instead of openjdk-8-dbg. I need to revisit my notes again to compare.

Cheers and thanks again:-)

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