Unable to execute query through command prompt of Cento OS

Hi KK team,

I have installed the mariadb in my machine and copied the file from github of sample project but when i run the command which is explained in the session its failing.

I have tried two commands: 1. cat < db-load-script.sql - which is not able to connect and leading to access issues.
2. # mysql -u root -p -e “/etc/db-load-script.sql” which is giving me syntax error

Refer the screenshot for this topic

Hi SanilKirangi,

It looks like the “ecomdb” was not previously created, So try to create it or add a statement to create the database into the db-load-script.sql. After that run the command mysql -u root -p < /etc/db-load-script.sql

Hi ismael,
Thank you for the input and i could able to run the script.
I was following one by one step and i think i have missed this particular step.

Thanks for sharing @ismaelfarias.