Unable to create an AKS instance

Hi @Tej-Singh-Rana @Alistair_KodeKloud
Im unable to create an AKS instance & my SKU is the very basic/Minimum… Exept the load balancer thats standard, but theres no option to change that to basic.

I’ll also suggest the team programs the Azure & other playground platform to provide more specific error messages, to enable users apply fixes without reaching out to support

Hi @okeyf16 ,
Thanks for reporting this issue. I am checking this issue with the team.


Okay, any luck yet ?
Meanwhile… Thats a same day reply to my enquiry, we’re improving :wink:

Also is there a provision to set trigger for email notification once a response is recieved to a post ?

This issue has been resolved. @okeyf16
For the time being, if you see this error message after creating an AKS cluster then please refresh the Azure portal. The message will disappear.


Hi @Tej-Singh-Rana
Its creating now, thanks.
the error message didnt go away after refresh. But as long as it doesent prevent functionality, thats fine