Unable to continue courses in kodekloud

I am unable to continue the courses. stays on the white screen and video doesn’t play at all (checked in multiple courses).
tried with multiple browsers and still the same issue.

I am also having the same issue. Please let me know once you are able to access the courses.

I am also having the same issue since two days

i have checked it from my side and videos for terraform for beginners are working fine.
So could you please try to clear the cache or use icognito window and let me know if the issue still exists

Nope. Still the same issue for me. But while chatting with the support, they have provided me with alternative link until they fix the same.

Many Thanks

There seems to be some issues with kodekloud videos.

I would suggest moving to our beta site at


We will switching over soon

in beta site are you able to continue with your course videos? actually, i created a new account at new site as they suggested but still my subscription plan is not continued to new site…

You won’t see the old subscription details on the new site. However you will have access to all courses as long as you have an active subscription (either on the old site or the new site). You can manage your subscription in the old site (legacy.kodekloud.com)