Unable to connect VM via bridge adapter option

I am trying to connect VM via bridge adapter option in Windows host, Centos guest os.
I have started the VM and using the IP address trying to connect the machine. But i could see Network error: connection timeout out

What exactly are you trying to connect to? SSH, FTP, a website, …? Is that service running properly? Did you set up a firewall? If yes, is it configured correctly?

I am trying to SSH into the Virtual box machine. i could see sshd servicer active and running the machine.
trying to connect via can u elaborate on firewall settings

I was able to resolve this issue by connecting the device ‘enp0s3’ using the below command. this device was disconnected and doesn’t have an IP address associated.

nmcli dev status
nmcli con up enp0s3

after then I was able to ping google.com and ssh into the machine as well


Thanks for sharing @dhanrajdhacks.