Unable to complete Timezone Setup

When I try to change the from john to Application server stapp01, it asks the password but when I enter the password it says " How to fixt Permission denied (publickey,password) or Permission denied, please try again."

What should I do?

Hello @Aniket-Pawar ,
Session is live?

Can you please tell me what SSH command you ran?

sudo ssh stapp01 command I am running

Yes session is live.

Users’ details are available in the link below: -

Nautilus (kodekloudhub.github.io)

that’s wrong,
valid command should be

ssh tony@stapp01

then enter the password (check out from the above link)

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I am using the right password’s for stapp01 I am using “Ir0nM@n” for stapp02 using “Am3ric@” and for stapp03 using “BigGr33n”. I get error permission denied for 3 times and then the error which I posted initially.

Session is live so please try and let me know.

Thank you it’s working

Completed my first task, thank you once again.

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Thanks for the confirmation and Happy Learning!! :innocent:

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