Unable to access the videos in the course

I am unable to access the videos in the course when it loads it gets stuck in the white screen.

Can you please try again after clearing the cache or using icognito window

i did this as well infact i tried from laptop, mobile even then the videos are not loading

There seems to be some issues with videos. i’d suggest moving to our beta site at
We will switching over soon

The beta site is asking to pay for the subscription fees, even though signed up using the same credentials of the main site. This is a serious blockage could you please help us with these issue.

You will have access to all courses as long as you have an active subscription (either on the old site or the new site). Once your subscription ends on the old site you may buy a subscription again on the new site. To get a subscription at the same price write to support@kodekloud.com and request a coupon code.