Troubleshoot Deployment issues in Kubernetes review

Hello @rahul456 @Inderpreet

My task is marked as failed with the following error:

Screen Shot 2020-10-12 at 5.17.03 PM

But the task was specific to say the configMap should contain nodeSelector as master only, as the task requested I deleted other data in the configMap.

As you can see the redis-deployment is running as requested:

Please check at your side.

@mmumshad @KodeKloud @Inderpreet @rahul456,

As you can see in the review of this task there is an error in the description.

Besides that, you see that I have correctly troubleshooted the deployment, and it is up and running

Please, check at your side.


Hello KodeKloud team.

This is a kindly reminder to double check this topic.

Hello kodekloud team,

Can someone check this?

Two more Sr DevOps engineer in the platform besides me voted this task as a “Description Error” in the review section, now the task is no longer available there and I haven’t received an answer here.

I kindly ask for your help.

Sorry about that. Thanks for reporting. Will get this checked.

@andrescaroc, this is is marked pending for you, please give it an another try.

And also, as per question, please do not remove or alter any other existing correct config/settings.

Thank you @mmumshad and @rahul456 for double check this.

The task description is clear now and I achieved the task successfully.

Can you help me with this other open issue ? -> No task assigned yesterday I didn’t receive tasks assignment on October 14 and 15