Tomcat on Kubernetes cluster

Hi @royki @akshayyw @juliettet
I’ve got a task to deploy Tomcat on a Kubernetes cluster but when I use curl command to check the result, it returns some weird output!
Please check the below screenshots

Hi @Ashu27 , not sure regarding this error , but all yaml files seem fine . Did you try once via select a port to view option which is available next to the terminal window, instead of just curl ?

NO. I thought it will work with curl too.

Yea it should definitely work with curl , i just suggested a workaround .

In question, they haven’t specified that you need to open a tab and click on display port something like that. Otherwise, they explicitly instruct to check like this.

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Will let you know if I get the cause of the issue

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hi @Ashu27, please try to run curl command with an internal ip of controlplane

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Hi @Ashu27,

Try running curl <node-ip>:<nodeport> . This should work.

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Hi @Ashu27

As suggested  @juliettet  and  @rahul456  you should use  curl with Internal IP of node on port 32227.

kubectl get no -o wide   
controlplane   Ready    master   13h   v1.16.4    <none>        Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS   4.15.0-109-generic   docker://19.3.6
node01         Ready    <none>   13h   v1.16.0   <none>        Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS   4.15.0-109-generic   docker://19.3.6

check tomcat on nodeport '32227' thru internal ip
------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------                 


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Good Luck !


Hi @rahul456 thank you so much! This solved my issue.

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Hi @juliettet
thank you so much this helped me a lot.

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Hi @Sameer thank you so much for this! This helped me.

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Woo hoo!! I’m glad that we were all able to help out:-)