Tomcat Installation & configure

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Hello team,

Tomcat had been installed & configured . But while i am trying SCP from Thor@jumphost Getting Permission Denied . & also while doing curl getting connection refused.

Permission Denied is always file/folder permission error it means the user which you are using through ssh ’ tony ’ in this case , does not have enough permission to write in /usr/share/.
you can transfer the file to /home/tony and then move it to desired location with sudo afterward in the app server.
I could not find a good way to escalate scp to root user.

Use the following pattern.

scp -r folder/ user@server.tld:/some/folder/you/dont/need/sudo
ssh user@server.tld
 $ sudo mv /some/folder /some/folder/requiring/perms 
# sudo chown -R user:user folder

for the second question it usually comes from lack of firewall rules.

I had copied the file to the server from jump host. Now when i am testing with curl from jump host getting Connection Refused . I don’t know where i am wrong .

@sudheer77 did you open the port on the firewall?

Did you try using LBR as mentioned in the task?

No firewall installed in the server

Hello, @sudheer77
I think you have to access page from the LBR server.