To all who are looking to crack new CKA exam. All you need to do is few labs of . . .

To all who are looking to crack new CKA exam. All you need to do is few labs of CKA at kodecloud. If you have a year experience in working with k8s you don’t need to go through the course as well. I completed all my questions before time ran out and 4-5 questions, I mean the time taking were almost similar to kodecloud mock exams.

Don’t waste time in cramming the course, there is none there to interview you, all you need is troubleshooting skills so what is important section is cluster setup and troubleshooting on various k8s objects. It was a great hands on exam, i did wait one year for it and had to clear it as the exam I bought was about to expire xD.

I cleared in first attempt but time was a bummer, I didn’t practice enough as i had a retake but thankfully I got 85+. Just do the labs at kodecloud they are more than enough, anyways jsonPath questions are really top notch xD, requires linux skills as well.

What do you require?
Kubernetes docs by heart where to find what, I opened doc for each question except for ad-hoc questions as i had little practice but it was worth seeing.
Knowledge in Kubernetes, intermediate level
Kodecloud CKA labs, not all but cluster setup/networking/troubleshooting a must.
Do both mock exam and lightning lab as well, rest is really easy dont worry, keep your calm in exam.
I did only one mock test, all you need is working experience in k8s. <— That’s a must as certification without work is not that useful.

Good Luck.

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upinder sujlana:
congrats. I did not get the jsonPath bit. Any chance you can explain.

@upinder sujlana on the jsonPath the questions won’t be straightforward like checking pod Names, or customColumns etc. You would require basic linux knowledge as well. As mentioned in kubectl cheatsheet like awk/cut/sed/grep commands. You will require that kinda expertise.