Time settings in linux-task1

Hi Team,
I have changed settings in all 3 app servers, but the task has shown failed. please cross check.I am attaching screenshots.

I failed in this task too! Have no idea why!

Hi @meeru

Seems like you made the changes on jump host itself but you were supposed to do that on all app servers.

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Hi @sudha

I think you haven’t made changes on all app servers hence task failed for you.

Thanks for pointing it out. Next time will take time.

My first task for Linux TimeZones Setting assigned on Mar 10, 2020 11:27:03 PM is got failed, Kindly verify.Task is to change the current time zone pacific/Pago_pago.
I have copied the /usr/share/zoneinfo/Pacific/Pago_Pago /etc/locatime and now current tz is showing as SST.Kinldy check and let me know why it got failed

Hi @lalunr

It was a system failure for you, sorry for inconvenience . Marked your task as Success.