The template VM & the cloned VM get the same IP address from Host Network Manager

Hi Team,

I have created a VM from a template VM. I created a Host Network Manager(Network) & configured Adapter 1 of both the VMs to connect to the Host Network Manager-network. When I login to the VMs, I see both the VMs getting the same IP.


Your virtual machines will get the same IP address from any DHCP service as long as they have the same Ethernet MAC address (a hardware address, unique like a fingerprint, set by the hardware manufacturer)
Since you are running virtual machines, they have virtual hardware and therefore they “fake” the MAC address. You have to make sure no two machines have the same Ethernet hardware address.

Noting that there is nothing wrong with having all of your machines getting the same address in NAT configuration.
All VMs are isolated from each other so there is no risk of conflict. They are also not on the same adapter