The `dev-user` is trying to get details about the `dark-blue-app` pod in the `bl . . .

Anusha P J:
The dev-user is trying to get details about the dark-blue-app pod in the blue namespace. Investigate and fix the issue.
We have created the required roles and rolebindings, but something seems to be wrong.

Colud you help me for above question please?
Which is in “Practice Test Role based access controls” Qn: 10

issue is the under resources section for role, the pod name is wrong.

Mohamed Ayman:
You need to change “blue-app” to “dark-blue-app” in the resourceNames in the developer role, using this command:
kubectl edit roles developer -n blue

Anusha P J:
Oh… Yeah… Thanks @K8ns @Mohamed Ayman

Mohamed Ayman:
You’re welcome