The concepts are not beginner friendly


I have signed up for this course hoping to get into the world of DevOps, but it appears that there are pre-requisites, considering that I am not exactly having an easy time understanding stuff. The Linux course is not ready yet, and when I check out the Devops prerequisites course, I am straight away introduced to concepts such as SSH in the Linux commands section. Do I have to do like a Linux prep course to understand what’s going on? Because this doesn’t seem easy and definitely not something people from a non-tech background would get.

Is it good if you are thinking according to real world environment. What kind of technology they are using and how it works. We are getting a path from here and almost we are understanding or trying to understanding those technologies. If i am from non-tech background. I am much more curious about how this technology worked and what is the workflow? it is quite difficult for a month or more but after crossing that difficulty path you will feel like a boss. So get a knowledge from here and as well as from internet, to get a more in advance level.
It’s a technology pain if you want to do something then you have to own it.

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While I agree that nothing should be spoon-fed, it is too big a chasm to bridge for someone who has no exposure to these concepts. Especially when the introductory lecture clearly claims that non-tech people would be able to follow. I was going to recommend this to a non-tech friend of mine, but I don’t think I can till the Linux basics course is ready.

P.S: I have no problems at all with how the lectures are being delivered - Mumshad has a very soothing way of explaining concepts and I am genuinely surprised at the fantastic value for money.

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