Thanks to all for great discussions and insights..and special thanks to @Mumshad . . .

Harindha Fernando:
Thanks to all for great discussions and insights…and special thanks to @Mumshad Mannambeth for the interactive course!! I cleared the exam in my second attempt. first time I was excited and couldn’t manage the time properly and also in some questions I guess it’s literal meaning is confusing…Thanks again for all the support!!
harindha-fernando-certified-kubernetes-administrator-cka-certificate.pdf (701 KB)

Marco Tony:
Congrats!!! Do you have a collection of bookmark you can share? :slightly_smiling_face:

Harindha Fernando:
I was keeping Cheat Sheet only and for the rest I used search option inside the page…

George Lazaroff:
@Harindha Fernando what you mean “It’s literal meaning is confusing”

Congratulations @Harindha Fernando I too have same question as like @George Lazaroff asked and how do you managed it in your second attempt. Please explain us, as I am taking my first attempt this month end.

congrats @Harindha Fernando same questions in 2nd attempt ?

Mumshad Mannambeth: