Thanks a lot ! @Mumshad Mannambeth and kodekloud team , such a excellent course . . .

lagisetti sambasiva rao:
Thanks a lot !! @Mumshad Mannambeth and kodekloud team , such a excellent course. I felt this wonderful course learn quickly understanding concepts,
practice labs as many times as we can before attempting the exam.

Happy to share with you all that I am now CKA certified :).

And my special thanks to @unnivkn and friends/colleague’s , who helped me in this platform.
lagisetti-sambasiva-rao-cka-certificate.pdf (701 KB)

Mayur Sharma:
Congratulations, Please share your exam experience.

Fernando Jimenez:
Congratulations @lagisetti sambasiva rao Well done!

Congrats @lagisetti sambasiva rao


lagisetti sambasiva rao:
I just need give my CKA passed real experience in first attempt with 77 percent score.

  1. In our kodekloud auto completion/bash is already enabled, you wont feel difficulty in typing the commands.
    in real exam it will not be like that, make sure you practice, how to enable to you can find it kubernetes cheatsheet as well.

  2. Don’t get panic at any point of time, because looks like first 5 questions little lengthy/tough questions. I suggest leave them
    then complete 6th to till end within 1hr to 1.15mints and comeback to first. that way you can answer these questions somehow patiently,
    thats my personal openion.

  3. I need to suggest, try to answer for few questions in shortest possible way your own practical hands-on experince,
    and redirect the output to file as per the request, it doest matter how you did it. it will save your time.

  4. I am sure i did some mistakes like prepared yaml and i doubt missed to excute, missed to switch correct context as well one place.
    Thats why i ended up wilt less score, dont do these type of small mistakes.

a) Kubernetes the hardway
d) Prepare Network policy recipies ahamtab.

Most of the links here given questions, it will cover in kodekloud as well, but if you practice more with different places , that will give more confidence.

lagisetti sambasiva rao:
I wish you all the best !!!

Yannam C Chiranjeevi:
Congrats Sambasiva gaaru!