Thank you @Mumshad Mannambeth @Tej_Singh_Rana and @Vijin Palazhi for you support . . .

Ravi Tripathi:
Thank you @Mumshad Mannambeth @Tej_Singh_Rana and @Vijin Palazhi for you support, I would like to inform that i have cleared CKA few days back. Your content is awesome and i have learned so much from it.
Next i am thinking between terraform or dca, i am confused where to focus any suggestion please.

Mumshad Mannambeth:
Great stuff! Congrats @Ravi Tripathi. I would recommend DCA as there may be some related concepts compared to what you have been learning. What about CKAD and CKS? Any plans?

Ravi Tripathi:
Yes I will go for CKS as i am from infra, CKAD is for developers what i feel, please correct me if i am wrong @Mumshad Mannambeth

Fernando Jordan Silva:
My way was: CKAD, CKA, DCA and now CKS… then Terraform, GCP …