Thank you @Mumshad Mannambeth for making the best course I have ever taken. The . . .

Thank you @Mumshad Mannambeth for making the best course I have ever taken. The amount of detailed work you put into each lecture and each lab is mind boggling. You prepared, word for word, a perfect script in your lectures that is not wordy yet still explains the concepts perfectly. The labs are simply a work of art. This was also the most fun I had in a course and enjoyed learning Kubernetes. It also gives me confidence in DevOps Engineer interviews when the topic comes up. You created this course with every intention for your students to succeed, and that is the true sign of an amazing teacher. The world needs more people like you. Thank you does not cut it. I will be passing this course on to my friends.

Thank you @Mohamed Ayman , @Tej_Singh_Rana and the KodeKloud crew for your expertise and tireless assistance! You are always available and your presence makes a HUGE difference!!!

My exam experience:
• Test your webcam beforehand and make sure it can focus on your ID in a clear way if you hold it up to the cam.
• You can log in 15 minutes before exam start time, but you are still waiting for the proctor. Don’t stress if they show up a little late.
• What I wish I did was do the easy questions first so I can get a feel for the exam UI, flag the ones that take longer, and come back to them at the end. Get the low hanging fruit first and build confidence!
• If you click on a resource in the questions (namespace name, pod name, deployment name) it copies the text to clipboard.
• At the start of each question is a command to get you on the right cluster. Copy paste those into the terminal before attempting each question.
• Do not skip over a question without flagging it.
• Lots of reports out there that time is short. Time is NOT short, but not long either. If you can do all Lightning Lab and Mock Exams swiftly, the same pace will allow you to answer all the questions.
• Most importantly, if you can do the Lightning Lab and 3 Mock Exams well and quickly with little thinking, you are ready for CKA. Don’t let one question slip. Get 100s on all of them comfortably. Once you can do that…
• Give CKA a try. You have two attempts. No pressure. Don’t stress it. You just took the perfect course to prepare you for it. Don’t rush. Don’t panic. Breathe. Stay loose. You got this.

Prasoon Mishra:
Many thanks @mark, for sharing your experience with us.

Mumshad Mannambeth:
Congratulations @mark! And thank you for the feedback. This made my day! I am so grateful for your kind words.

It’s us, your students, who are the grateful ones, my friend. If I made your day, you make and improve careers for us! I will be learning a bunch more from you in the coming years and I already look forward to it. Thank you, Mumshad! WE are the lucky ones!