Thank you @Mumshad Mannambeth and KodeKloud team. Passed my CKA exam on first tr . . .

Thank you @Mumshad Mannambeth and KodeKloud team. Passed my CKA exam on first trial. Awesome course….

Mohamed Ayman:
Congratulations!! Well Done!

Mohamed Ayman:
Please share your exam experience and issues you faced during the exam. It will help the others.

My experience


• Bookmark all necessary links beforehand. You will be essentially using your own chrome browser for exam, so rather than searching during the exam, its better if you have most of those link bookmarked that you can open directly.
• For me this course is good enough, but practice-practice-practice. Get used-to with “empirical” commands to create pods, deps, services, etc. Practice jsonpath queries.
On Exam Day:

• If you have multiple monitors, use them. You are allowed, all you need to do is share all the screens. You can then split the chrome browser tabs between the 2 monitors. One for kubernetes docs, and other for your exam. That way you can avoid going back and forth between tabs. But remember you are ONLY allowed 1 extra browser tab other than your exam one.
• I did start 45 mins late as for some reason, as my chrome browser wasn’t able to share screen with proctor. Followed all troubleshooting that proctor provided like allowing apps. thru MacOS security, but no dice. Ultimately had to call PSI support, work with them. They downloaded PSI secured browser, and then chrome was able to share the screen. But basically, i started late. Since proctor was online, don’t fret, it won’t count as “No Show”.
• I flagged all the questions as soon as exam started and kept unflagging them as I attempted those to keep track of which ones are left as I was doing them out-of-order.
• Make sure you execute the problem on right context/cluster. Questions will be distributed across 6-7 clusters with varying network plugins, no. of worker nodes, etc. The command to change context (if applicable) is provided at top of the question, so make it a practice to run that before you start. In most cases, questions will be grouped together per cluster/context, but if you are attempting them out-of-order, then you may need to be careful.
• Names of pods, DS, Deployments, networkpolicies, nodenames, etc will be hyperlinked, so as soon as you click on them, it will be copied. This is a good thing, as you can literally copy-paste from question to shell.
• You can attempt questions in any order. So try and attempt those first which you are absolutely confident about. If you think you struggling with a question halfway, move to next one, and then come back to hard one later. I spent too much time on 1st question, but then completed all the ones i was absolutely confident. Last 30 mins, i spent on hard ones.
• Wherever possible, make sure to validate your answers incl. correct clusters. A slight goof up can have consequences on your final results.
• Read the questions very carefully and understand what they are asking. Some questions can seemingly seem obvious, but if you miss “reading between lines”, you may just execute the opposite.
• Keep an eye on time-left.

Mumshad Mannambeth:
You are welcome @Anand! Congratulations!!!

Manas Sahoo:
Congratulations Anand…