Tasks with high experience

Dear team @Inderpreet,

I have been assigned 39 tasks and only 6 of them have 600 experience/points the rest are 100,200 and few 300s. Is this normal? Is 600 the highest experience?

Otherwise kudos to you guys. I really enjoy the tasks, I am challenged and learning a lot as well.

Salim Rashid

Hello Salim,

This is very much normal, every tasks has different weightage, youll be getting questions of different weightage randomly.


There are for 800 and 1000 as well.

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I’ve never been assigned tasks with such weigh. I’ve been assigned a total of 44 task until now. I only see duplicate tasks being assigned. I hope this is normal @rahulsoni @kodekloud-support3 @Inderpreet :face_with_raised_eyebrow: