Tasks getting expired

Hello Team,

Due to some reason, I am not aware about the task gets assigned that time and not able to complete the task and due to that task gets expired.

Its my request that can you please again assign that task and remove the Expired tag.
I want to give it a try and don’t want to be any task expired in my account.

@Inderpreet @KodeKloud Please look into this.



Hi team,

Can you please assign the expired tasks again. Not sure 2 tasks were completed for the id -akambledevops@gmail.com but as i logged in today see many tasks as EXPIRED.
I would not want any tasks to be expired or missed. Appreciate your response on it.

Hello, @kanand2585
If you don’t want tasks. You can choose option “Out of Office” in the account of KKE.
Expired tasks cannot be possible to assign again.