Task: Write a Docker File - marked "failed"

Dear colleagues @Inderpreet, @KodeKloud

I built an apache:v1 image and launched a container based on it. The apache port is exposed as required by the task. The curl check passed as expected, but the task marked “Failed.” And another important point, I did not stop the container with Apache before I click confirmation. Please check what went wrong.


Hi @ivbor,
the question was to configure apache to run the port and not the container port.
so sed -i ‘s/80/8080/’ /etc/apache2/ports.conf should have been part of the dockerfile.


Yep, thank you. It was done. Without this command, I wouldn’t receive a response from the apache server running inside the container. ( on the screenshot it is possible to see the curl command response)

Okay @ivbor can we see your docker file?

Sure. First line of the Dockerfile FROM ubuntu didn’t fit the screenshot

I think the reason it was marked failure was because one key instruction was not to make any changes on the document root. That instruction was highlighted.

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Probably you are right. I was wondering the same thing, but I doubted that a working container could interfere with the task validation. I’ve completely forgotten about this RUN command in the dockerfile leaving it uncommented after tests. It’s a very sad mistake. :frowning: Anyway, thank you for answering it’s really helpful to make me sure that my code is workable.

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