Task taking long time to setup and display

I’m trying to do the task Fix Database issue in K8s Application. After it has finished loading it’s taking around 6 minutes to finish the setup and display the task.

I have tried this task 3 times and every time it’s taking so long.

It also keeps on flashing an error message for a second or so regarding losing connectivity with the terminal session. And then it just disappears. This also happens 3-4 times during the session.

hi @Nautilus, this could be a temporary connectivity issue, please log out and then login again.

I have tried this task 2 times yesterday and once today. Every time same thing

And what about task taking almost 6 mins to setup? I think it’s not fair to start the timer before the task setup has completely finished. I started working on the task from 54 mins onwards during my all three attempts.