Task status failed by the system

Hi Team,

I got two of my task failed even though I have checked and validated them in the terminal itself.

1st task: Linux Services: install squid on app servers
Error: nscd is not installed on app server 1Squid installation task
Screenshot is attached where I can see squid is installed and enable at start-up.

2nd task: Linux Resource Limits: Set hard limit 91 and soft limit to 72
Soft limit is not correct on Storage Server
Hard limit is not correct on Storage Server

Kindly, check this issues.

Thank you. It’s a great learning.

Best Regards,

Hi Mohan,

Regarding the package installation related question, you were asked to install nscd package not squid so task failed for you. Please note that each time you reload the lab there might be deferent package you will be asked to install.

Regarding limits related question, you were asked to change the maximum process limits in the question but seems like you have changed max file limits, that is why answer was marked as failed.

I hope it clears your doubts.


OK Thanks @Inderpreet I have make a note of it and will follow along.
Thanks again.