Task linux file permission FAILED


I did the task about the linux file permission, I changed the permission then execute the script and got the output, eventhough, the result was Failed scrip^t


same result bro.

the evaluation was success or failure ?

same results but showing task failed\

I have the same problem

In task there weren’t specified which user/group is using this script on host, so one applicable solution was to add executable permission to user/group/all

Task failed, why?


Same here. Would request the Team to waive off this time as a lot of confusion regarding the question is messed up.


We can see how its bit confusing since there is no mention about the users who should be able to execute it, so we have modified the question a little, We hope it is more clear now.

Since we have made some improvement in this question to make it more clear so we have marked this task as Pending for all who failed it. So all of them can give it another try.

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