Task is not loading

@player001 , @Inderpreet and @KodeKloud

Task is not loading from yesterday.

Plz look into this.

@Inderpreet @mmumshad @player001
Hi, for the past 2 days i have not been able to load my task. I thought it had something to do with my internet but apparently not. I think already lost a task because of this. Please look into this asap.

Hello, @Chudo @akshayithape
Can you please try to clear the caches for the KKE site, logout and relogin back? Let me know if it will help you.

@player001 Thanks, that did the trick. Please can my previous task be reactivated?

It has been resolved. @player001 Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

@player001 @mmumshad @Inderpreet Please can i have my task reassigned?

Hello, @Chudo
Your task got expired due to loading issue? If it’s then KKE team will look into it. I cannot reassign you back.

@player001 yes, i couldn’t access it to complete the task. Alright, thanks