Task "Install and Configure DB Server" Need Help

Hi Friends,
I am trying to accomplish this task which has seven sub-tasks but somewhere I am failing & unable to complete even after multiple try. I am seeking your help & in providing some inputs if possible that can help me resolving the problem.

a. Install/Configure MariaDB server. - Success

b. Create a database with name kodekloud_db8. - Success

c. There is a DB dump on jump_host under location /home/thor/db.sql. Restore this database in newly create database. - Success

d. Create a user kodekloud_tim and set any password you like. - Success

e. Grant full permissions to user kodekloud_tim on database kodekloud_db8. - I am doubtful though I am following the right process.

f. Update database related details in /data/wp-config.php file on storage server which is our NFS server having a share /data that is mounted on each app server on location /var/www/html. (for more details about how to update WordPress config file please visit https://wordpress.org/support/article/editing-wp-config-php/) - Success as per process but not sure if any mistake from myside.

g. You can access the website on LBR link, to do so click on the + button on top of your terminal and select option Select port to view on Host 1 and after adding port 80 click on Display Port. - Failing with error “Error establishing database connection”.

Please suggest if any correction required in my approach.

Screenshots attached for reference.

image image image ![image|605x243]image (upload://1XoZ7xfaiX5XJ2ueF38Ta1Rihhd.png)

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Hi All,

Any helpful tips?


I haven’t got this task and didn’t work on wordpress. :frowning:
mostly people not respond here . :confused:

To configure MariaDB for remote client access, edit /etc/my.cnf and add below values under [mysqld] section.


then restart mariadb service.


First we need to understand the error message.
Please turn on 「 define( 'WP_DEBUG' , false);」to define( 'WP_DEBUG' , true);
in the file /data/wp-config.php on NFS server.
It will tell us the exact error message for db connection.

Then, need to check the grant of DB to a particular user.
I forgot once to execute 「FLUSH PRIVILEGES;」which simply assign new privileges.

I hope you will get some pointers and complete your task.

Thank you.

@pmpcert2013 @player001 @hasmukhrathod @Lalit
There is a DB dump on jump_host under location /home/thor/db.sql. Restore this database in newly create database. -
for this step. should I copy this sql file to db server using scp command and restore the sql from db server on newly created database?
or this should be done in a different way?
could you please check and advise.

copy this sql file jump_host to db server from scp command and restore it this sql file.