Task Failed Status

I was assigned task to create a user john assigning a specific UID & home directory.

I created using sudo adduser -u 1608 -d /var/woo/john john then I realized that I should use useradd command so I re-run the command at that time I got message “user john already existing”. Assuming that user got created correctly with adduser command I submitted my task but to surprise I saw the task turned out to be in Failed status with error message “AssertionError: User does not exist”. Please suggest what is the issue.

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In your command sudo adduser -u 1608 -d /var/woo/john john, woo should be www, is it a typo or actually a mistake while running this command?

Apart from that command seems fine however please also make sure you added the user on correct server, which is asked in the question. If user was added to some other server then task was supposed to fail.


Hi Inderpreet kindly ignore my post. I realized now that it was my mistake that I didn’t perform the task on right server.


Hi Inderpreet
I don’t have the password for stapp03 to ssh into the box.


Please check the “Wiki” tab for login details.

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Honestly can’t believe how I missed such a big wiki tab when I attempted or perhaps it was not there at all. Thanks anyways Vijin.